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icon_acrobat.gifFebruary-March, 2017
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Conductor’s Note 

Dear Educators,  

Happy spring from all of us at the LYO! It has been a busy time of year for the music community and we hope that the preparations for your spring concerts and festivals have been going well.

February and March saw five separate concerts and events for different ensembles in the LYO organization. We kicked off February with a very exciting and successful side-­‐by-­‐side concert at KMEA with the Louisville Orchestra. Our Serenade Orchestra performed their annual Retirement Home tour for three local senior facilities. Last week, our Concert Orchestra toured local middle and elementary schools to play side by side their in-­‐house orchestras and spread the joy of LYO. Finally, this past weekend, we had two concerts featuring our Horizons Wind and Percussion groups, as well as our Serenade and Concert Orchestras. All of our groups are making spectacular progress. The sound and musicianship of each ensemble has grown exponentially since the fall, and I am excited to see these students’ growth in our organization as we start thinking about the next season.

We are already working on marketing and materials for the 2017-­‐18 season. While our auditions will stay in the fall, it is our goal to complete most of our recruiting in the spring and get materials to teachers during this time as well. We are happy to come into your classrooms in April and May to talk about LYO and show students how to access our materials. We are accepting ALL instruments! Please don’t forget about your piano and harp students. We are also happy to offer a new ensemble opportunity for our double reed friends, to help support the growth that you as educators may similarly need in those sections.

Finally, we still have a few concerts coming up to round out the season. We are offering a free concert featuring our Horizons groups and Concert and Serenade Orchestras on March 25 at the Americana Center. This is also a multicultural community potluck supported by the Backside Learning Center. The Repertory and Symphony Orchestras will present their final concert, “Dance Revolution” on March 26 at the Brown Theater and feature Zoey Morris, bass concerto competition winner, and dancers from the Louisville Ballet School.

Thank you for your continued support!


Deanna Tham, Music Director
and our entire Artistic Staff


Progress report:
These are the things we are working on this month!


Horizons Brass Ensemble: 

Congratulations to all of the Horizons Brass Ensemble members on an accomplished performance this past Saturday at Western Middles School. They displayed their musical progress with several Baroque and Classical arrangements of compositions by Handel and Beethoven.  Horizons Brass will continue a very busy month with a side-­‐by-­‐side concert with Doug Elmore and the LYO, Repertory Orchestra on March 26.

Horizons Percussion Ensemble:

Percussion ensemble just finished a successful concert on March 5th and continue to prepare for their concert on March 25th. Symphony and Repertory percussion have a big concert on March 26th.

Serenade Orchestra: 

Serenade Orchestra has been working very hard on performing with contrasting dynamics. They have found that it is much easier to play forte than it is to play piano, especially in a large ensemble, and they are doing an excellent job at perfecting this skill.

Concert Orchestra:

The Concert Orchestra had a busy week filled with touring and concerts.  The group loaded the bus with all their gear and performed three fantastic concerts at Western Middle School, Highland Middle School, and Coral Ridge Elementary. They performed side by side with Western Middle School and Highland Middle school and wowed the fourth and fifth graders at Coral Ridge Elementary. Shortly after the concert ended, eager students at Coral Ridge Elementary were already asking when they could sign up for orchestra. Concert Orchestra continued their musical domination by sending the audience into a frenzy with a superb concert on Sunday afternoon. They performed classical and contemporary works and ended with Soon Hee Newbold’s programmatic piece “Iditarod.” They have grown tremendously over the year and have shown a higher level of maturity and musicianship with each concert.

Symphony Orchestra:

The Symphony Orchestra is working on some new repertoire for our Spring concert, including Espana by Emmanuel Chabrier and Symphony in C by Georges Bizet. We are being challenged by hemiola, as well as producing bright timbes with a lighter and more delicate playing style as required by these French pieces. Our string section is getting some good work with Bottesini’s second bass concerto, featuring our soloist, Zoey Morris. We are learning different ways to listen and create colors as a section.




Horizons Brass Ensemble: 

Horizons Brass wishes to feature horn player, Juliette Cabral, who is excited about her musical ear training, using intervals and scales.

Horizons Percussion Ensemble:

Congratulations to Elijah Shina for his selection to the Honors Orchestra of America!

Serenade Orchestra:

Congratulations to the entire orchestra for a fantastic concert on March 5!

Symphony Orchestra:

This month’s special recognition goes to our viola section. Bryan Back, Molly McInnis, Mary Meyers, Kara Bridgewater, Kendra Brown, and Barrett Kelly have worked very hard to create a great section sound and improved so much since the fall!